In our growing community, new homes, roads and infrastructure are emerging and providing places to live for our Leeward families. For years, members of District One suffered because when these roads and infrastructure were built because the City did not accept them in a timely manner, causing them to deteriorate without maintenance or repair.   “Leeward communities have waited too long for these basic city services, and because the City did not streamline its road acceptance process earlier, that wait turned from months to years, and was unacceptable,” said Councilmember Pine.   Responding to the community’s concerns, Councilmember Pine introduced Resolution 15-11 and 15-12 which shined light on long-delayed road safety and maintenance improvements in the Villages of Kapolei, the Mehana Subdivision and the Kahiwelo Subdivision in Makakilo, forcing the City to reevaluate how quickly it processes and accepts road improvements, now bringing about change to our communities that has waited for years for the city to take ownership of its roads.