The Att*ck on Pearl Harbor: Views from the Ewa Plain

When: Fri Nov 25 2016 at 03:00 pm

Where: Kapolei Public Library, 1020 Manawai St, Kapolei, United States

The December 7, 1941 Att*ck on Pearl Harbor left 2,403 dead and over 1,000 wounded (pearlharbormemorials.com). But what about the localized effect of the Att*ck on the Ewa area of Oahu?

In commemoration of the Att*ck’s seventy-fifth anniversary, Brad Sekigawa, Museum Historian at Naval Air Museum Barbers Point, and museum founder Brad Hayes in Kapolei, Hawaii, will present on the Att*ck as it affected the Ewa Plantation area of Leeward Oahu.

Free. Recommended for adults.

Program schedule is subject to change. Contact the library 10 days in advance to request a sign language interpreter or if special accommodations are needed.