Constituents have been calling to complain about bulky items being left for pickup along Makakilo Drive and Panana Street in upper Makakilo. Now, we are also receiving calls regarding abandoned furniture around Kekuilani Loop in Kapolei. Mattresses, broken shelves, and sofas are being left out on the curbsides throughout the month and sometimes the trash sits for weeks until the scheduled pickup around the 1st of the month. Even after the trash has been picked up, more items arrive within 48 hours.

Constituents report the items left on Panana Street attract rodents, have been set on fire numerous times, and often spill onto the sidewalk and roadway, making it unsafe for residents to walk on the sidewalks.

Along Makakilo Drive, piles of mattresses, toilets, furniture also can be seen being dumped throughout the month.   Residents are complaining about this trash being an eyesore to the community.

Councilmember Pine has sent in a Request for Investigation and Service Report to investigate this issue. She looks forward to working with City officials to implement a solution to police and combat the dumping occurring on our sidewalks.

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Abandoned furniture along Kekuilani Loop create a nuisance and eyesore for residents.