Aloha ,

I regret to inform you that an article in today’s Star Advertiser “Realignment of highway in Makaha not part of plan” is  completely misleading to its readers and our Leeward Coast residents.
The article is inaccurate and implies that the Makaha Realignment project is dead.   This is absolutely false .
What’s true:  We are moving forward with the project. We are funding this project and we certainly arenot going to wait till 2040.

It’s insulting to the Leeward community to even think we would wait that long.

The Council and I are committed to moving forward with the Farrington Highway Realignment Study that was proposed by the community. This is the first necessary step to re-routing Farrington mauka of the beach park.  Money has already been released and a Request for Proposal (RFP) to contractors has been sent out for a feasibility project that would:
  • Study the typography of the area
  • Give possible scenarios of where the new road would go
  • Check for potential cultural and archeological impacts in the area
The most important information we will receive after this would be the project’s cost. Once this study is done, we will be able to put the construction money for the project in a City or State budget.
Second, real funds are already committed to begin the process of this project for the people of the Waianae Coast.  This project has received community-wide support and I am grateful to our many residents that have testified in favor of this project from the beginning.
Third, the article claimed that the project is not listed on OMPO’s Draft 2040 plan- however this is for planning purposes only.

We can’t have a project if we don’t know how much it will cost, which is why a feasibility study of the project is to be performed.  After this is conducted, we will be able to determine the cost and the RFP that the community has requested.

Last but not least, rumors that this project is “dead or that we are not committed to doing everything in our power to move the highway mauka of Makaha Beach Park” are unfortunately unfounded and part of a campaign by the minority of people using this study to further their own political agendas.  It is a shame that they are willing to deceive their own community to do so.
I apologize to our community members who faced unnecessary anger and stress due to the inaccurate article that was published today.  It is my hope that in the future, our media outlets will take time to do the necessary research before writing an article claiming that a project is out of reach for our residents.
For more information about the project or other transportation initiatives we are fighting for on the Leeward Coast, please feel free to call my office at  768-5001, or email me: