Compensation: $11.40 – $12.24 based on experience

non-profit organization

*Male Applicants needed for a Veterans Service Assistant position*

This position reports directly to the Lead Veterans Service Assistant. The Veterans Service Assistant assists in the daily implementation of day to day basic residential services.

 Good communication and interpersonal skills.
 Must obtain valid Driver’s License, current clean traffic abstract and ability drive facility vehicle and be covered by organization insurance.
 Ability to work collaboratively with residential staff
 Must promote client-centered philosophy and skilled in creating and implementing a sober environment
 Must be energetic, dedicated to the mission and flexible.
 Experience with client population or similar populations or other equivalent experience.
 Preference for military veterans with specific experience receiving homeless services and living in a shelter/shared living situation.
Job Responsibilities:
 Assists in the delivery of basic services (shelter, food, hygiene) to veteran served at the facility. Assist in the delivery/handling of client mail
 Helps organize and delivery daily client services and support functions
 Assists clients to maximize quality of living in the facility including assistance in both the move-in and move-out from the facility
 Ensures harmonious atmosphere at facility
 Responsible for preventing or de-escalating any verbal and physical altercations at facility including submitting written report to Lead Veterans Service Assistant and Veterans Service Coordinator concerning these events.
 Responsible for implementing and take necessary action to ensure fluidity of services.
 Conveying needs to Lead Veterans Service Assistant or Veterans Service Coordinator to maintain supply inventory of supplies and meals coordination
 Assist in the implementation UA testing to promote a sober environment.
 Responsible for implementation of all safety and emergency procedures
 Responsible for attending to all administration needs related to tracking all residential services provided at the facility
 Other duties as assigned by the Lead Veterans Service Assistant.

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