Waiʻanae – A capital improvement project to repair the leaking roof and replace water-damaged facilities at the Waiʻanae District Park gym is scheduled to begin February 15, 2018.

The scope of the work involved in this project includes the following: reroofing, repairing water damage to the second floor, and replacing the gym’s power roof ventilators and 48 light fixtures.

The project will require the complete closure of the gym’s second floor. All regular users have been notified by park staff and measures have been made to accommodate their facility needs. The ground floor of the facility is expected to remain open during this project. The construction work is scheduled from 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. The project is scheduled to be finished and the second floor reopened to the public later this summer.

The $548,000 contract for the construction project was awarded to MJ Construction Inc.

The second floor of the Waiʻanae District Park gym was closed about three-years ago after the leaking roof continued to cause damage to the gym. Upon inspection the floor of the gym’s second level was discovered to contain asbestos. An abatement project to address the asbestos was required before repairs to the roof and the resulting water damage could commence. That abatement project was finished in July 2017, at which time the second floor of the gym was reopened to the public.

We hope that following these repairs, the gym facility can remain useable and open to the public for years to come. We thank the public for their patience during this process.