In an effort to improve safety on our roads for both drivers and pedestrians, Waianae residents have partnered with the Hawaii Bicycling League to place bright orange flags at unsignalized crosswalks along Farrington Highway. These flags are for pedestrians to wave as they cross, so that they can be more visible to drivers that are traveling along this busy stretch of road.


A Star-Advertiser article highlights the efforts of the Hawaii Bicycling League and the Waianae community to improve safety along Farrington Highway.


Hawaii Bicycling League’s (HBL) Executive Director Chad Taniguchi met with Councilmember Kymberly Marcos Pine today to discuss HBL’s initiative to get businesses, families and community organizations to adopt-a-crosswalk in an effort to raise public awareness and stewardship of the crosswalks in our community.


Officials and residents hope to eventually have flags for all crosswalks on Farrington Highway that are without traffic lights. In addition, Councilmember Pine recently introduced Resolution 16-175 which requests the City & State to work collaboratively to prioritize safety efforts on Farringon Highway, which will be up for adoption at tomorrow’s City Council Meeting.


If you would like to get involved with adopting a crosswalk, or would like to partner with the City and the Hawaii Bicycling League to improve traffic safety in our communities, feel free to reach out to Councilmember Pine at


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