Oneula Beach Park or commonly known as Hau Bush Beach has been on the list of parks on Oahu that are in a desperate need of a face-lift.

But as of Saturday September 26 at 9am, Oneula will have its first Community Care Project that will get Ewa Beach residents and supporters a chance to voice their concerns about changes and improvements they want to see at Hau Bush Beach.

The park has been known throughout the years as being very unkept with rubbish pollution, drug activity and homeless campers. Thanks to the efforts from the community, Oneula was able to rise from the overwhelming negative environment that was surrounding it.

“This particular park has had a closed bathroom for many, many years, and it has been really frustrating to the residents,” said Honolulu City Councilmember Kymberly Pine, chairwoman of the parks committee and host of the Oneula Community Care Project. “We really need to start making basic necessities in our parks a top priority.”

Councilmember Pine has stated that she would want to also improve the parking lot at Oneula as well as adding benches and tables to the park and making the grass greener.


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